Grow, Generate, Fabricate and Transcend

What if we could grow our own food, generate our own electricity and fabricate our own things? We would be self-sufficient. We would also need a lot of expensive hi-tech equipment to do it efficiently. And a lot of space to have abundance and cross out scarcity. But what if we could do in a community scale?


New community collaborative network Ecoterium, is creating an online based ecosystem that connects growers, makers and generators. The growers are people and businesses that run smart gardens, green houses and backyard farms. Connected members offer their produce on the marketplace for visiting customers or trade with other members. Location-based orders are then delivered in bicycles, not only to lower emissions and decrease traffic, but to estimulate exercise . The bicycle delivery also reminisce an era of newspaper boys and estimulates teenage employment.


There is a huge upside with the People saving money and time, engaging the community and protecting the environment. This collaborative, organic based, share-economy system, has the potential to change the way we meet our needs. It also has the potential to help humanity transcend to a much needed fair distribution of resources. This self-sufficiency in our society, provides more freedom and helps us evolve from a connative to a cognitive state as a whole.


The same concept is applied in a network of clean energy generators and 3d-printers. These two still have some regulatory and technological limitations. The development and evolution of microgrids will allow more competition lowering energy costs, and proliferate the use of clean energy thus protecting our environment.



Beyond microgrids, it is hard to imagine what we could accomplish once wireless energy transmission becomes possible in large scale without resulting on human bacon. 3d printers are affordable if you just plan on printing resin objects. Although the tech is there, 3d printing will not become revolutionary until metal and ceramic 3d printing is more accessible. That is an ongoing project developed by Ecoterium.


The biggest challenge is to create interest in such transcendental changes, there is a lot of collaborative effort to promote and propagate the information. There is also a need to invest some money and time in order to jumpstart this approach. Hotmail and paypal became viral in the the late nineties, because people found a new way to communicate and make transactions. In the early 2000’s Facebook revolutionized the way we socialize. In the 2010’s Amazon has disrupted the way we shop. Ecoterium seeks to become viral by offering people new eco-conscious ways to get their basic needs: food, energy and goods, while developing related projects and products for humanity to transcend.


Microsoft and Apple undertook the project of making computers mainstream, enabling people to use them. This then evolved to tablets and smart phones That is how people were empowered to use improved methods to . Ecoterium is interested in promoting existing technologies and developing new ones, including physical environments, such as facilities, communities and cities. These products and projects will empower people to have more freedom by covering their basic needs, automating their day to day tasks and allowing them to move between places in less time.


The theory is, that with this added freedom and collaboration, humanity will reach a collective conscious state, call it a collective epiphany, that will take it to the next level. The transcendence of Humanity. In the maslow pyramid, this level beyond self-actualization is called …of the cosmos. Perhaps this is when we will conquer our galaxy and beyond, perhaps this is when we will live more than 200 years, perhaps this is when there will be perpetual happiness and well-being. Yes this sounds utopian and overly optimistic. But wouldn’t you like it? Join Ecoterium and let’s see what we can accomplish together.