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Solar Energy

Solar will dramatically lower or even eliminate your electric bill. and if you add a battery it can eliminate it. In fact, solar and batteries typically pay for themselves in tax credits and energy savings within 5-7 years. Solar also increases the value of your home by an average of $20,000. Solar can free you from the utility company’s dependence on the fossil fuel marketplace.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design can dramatically lower bills and costs. Sustainable features typically pay for themselves in tax credits and other savings within 5-10 years. Sustainable upgrades help modernize properties, making it attractive to potential buyers and can increase your property’s resale value. A Self-Sufficient home is a localized source of basic needs, becoming free from centralized dependence on large corporations. 

Food Gardening

Food Solutions can lower or eliminate food costs. They typically pay for themselves with specialty sales and self-consumption within 5-10 years. Landscaping investments amounting to 5% of the property value, increase the value of homes by 10% to 15%. Implementing specialty agricultural business provide a high and quick ROI. Growing food costs less than purchasing food at the grocery store. A home food farm is localized and provide freedom from corporations and commodities

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