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A minority of the population can make the impact we need

Who is Ecoterium

To empower humanity reach the Infinity Economy.

How do you envision the future? Imagine the ideal physical environment, but also how we feel, how we interact with nature and each other. We propose a model to heal the planet, ourselves and society. Let’s bring back the abundance of nature and self-realize humanity as a whole. 


We call this goal the infinity economy, where the whole ecosystem, including all life on the planet, thrives. Where all humans are happiest, having the maximum freedom while living in the most beautiful, clean, thriving, rich and abundant environments we can imagine.

Solutions for today while building a better tomorrow

Grow your own food, Generate you own energy, fabricate your own things and enjoy delighting leisure.

Grow your own food

In your front and backyards, in your apartments, and in common shared spaces, with permaculture, organic and regenerative practices.

Generate your own energy

With the proliferation of clean renewable energy and the decentralization of power plants.


Fabricate your own things

With 3d printers, makers shops, community facilities and with collaborative sustainable design and construction we can bring advanced manufacturing near home, customize and build better.

Delighting leisure activities

By combining the concept of the wheel of life, maslow pyramid of needs, leading psychological studies about happiness and regenerative sustainability

What is your Impact

More than saving on energy and other costs, you secure your children’s generation

Green House Gas Emissions Offset

The burning of fossil fuels – coal, petroleum, and natural gas –  to generate electricity is still the main source of greenhouse gasses (GHGs). 


Because of GHGs, there is an increasing global warming. It is at the stage where it is massively affecting weather patterns and events across the globe. We must all commit to produce net-zero emission by 2050.